Another great exhibition is open at the Czech Republic Pavilion

21. 11. 2021

The exhibition is called Plastic Oceans - a beauty destroyed and covered with plastic. Artist Pavel Baxa and Vlastimil Beranek along with Jaroslav Prosek and Ela Smcek (both students of renowned artists Pavel Baxa and Vlastimil Beranek) with their environmental-based exhibition are calling to action.

The exhibition of glass sculptures, which are partially covered with plastics has also an analogy in the marine world, where we can observe a similar alarming phenomenon.

The main idea is to challenge the visitor to bring their ideas, what individuals can do themselves to prevent pollution of seas and oceans.

Artists will be dumping plastic debris on the beautiful sea-inspired sculptures on November 22. It is the same comparison to how we are dumping so much plastic into the sea and destroying the beauty and life of the marine environment.

This exhibition is an alarming message to the world to realize that we all can reduce our use of plastic which is destroying the oceans.

Beautiful sea-inspired Bohemian crystal sculptures from renowned artists will be exhibited during rotating exhibition in Czech Republic pavilion.