National Day

Czech Spring is the main theme of the Czech National Day at the EXPO 2020. Classical, folk, and modern music, different forms of theatre, intermedia art, literature, fashion, computer games, and even artistic installations – all that will be a part of the main program, which will take place on the 21st of March 2022.

The national day presents a chance for the hosting country to show its richness of life at the world exposition EXPO and remind people of cultural traditions and current social life trends. The hosting pavilion is then presented as a priority to the thousands of visitors passing through the expo site that day.

The producer and implementer of the national day and the carrier of the idea is the agency ART Prom and their creative director Jakub Vedral, who had the opportunity to be present at several national days and participated in the world expositions in Aichi, Shanghai, and Milan.

It is wonderful that our country, whose exposition is called Czech Spring, has a national day on the 21st of March, the first spring day. The expo site in Dubai is inspiring, and the expositions of many countries are truly worth seeing. Our concept is based on the effort to connect nature and all its elements with modern technologies and famous Czech playfulness.

Some upcoming performances or installations are expected to have a longer placement and will be seen at the EXPO sooner and for a longer time. The spring messenger was the installation GROW, which was revealed in the Czech pavilion on the 25th of January.

GROW is an interactive light installation by Luboš Zbranek, which depicts an artistic representation of the Czech landscape and national symbols. The installation elegantly grows around the pavilion and thus adds another dimension to the facade. GROW can be controlled by up to 4 players at a time, and the movement of chips on the desk creates a symphony of sounds, which is accompanied by light effects in the colours of the tricolour. So, the visitors of the EXPO can hear, for example, the typical sounds of a Czech forest and landscape.

The main idea of the dramaturgy of the Czech Spring National Day depicts the Czech Republic as a land of springs, a spring of ideas and a spring garden. The visitors will be lured to the pavilion by monumental puppets of the Czech lion, falcons, street theatre companies V.O.S.A. or Brothers in Trick, and even some of the best European stilt walkers from the company Long Vehicle Circus. The area around the pavilion will be lit up by light theatre installations from the Light Lab workshop: Visitors and the Phoenix Garden.

The world-famous game studio Amanita Design will also present its interactive installation. Josefína Bakošová will represent fashion design with the Tears of Fashion sustainable fashion project.

The musical part of the program will be taken care of by the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic, musician Thom Artway and, last but not least, Tomáš Dvořák, who will present a spectacular connection of music and the newest technologies with his music projects Floex and Netýkavka. One of the highlights of the day will be the iMucha multimedia performance at the stunning Jubilee Stage.