The EXPO 2020 in Dubai might be postponed for a year

30. 3. 2020

The Steering Committee of the EXPO 2020 in Dubai will recommend that the participating countries explore the possibilities and effects of postponing the first Universal World Exposition in the Arab world by 12 months. This is due to the worldwide spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the anti-pandemic measures against the disease COVID-19. The motion was agreed upon by the participating countries General Commissioners in the Steering Committee, including the Czech Republic, along with the Organizers of the EXPO 2020 in Dubai and the leadership of the International Bureau of Exhibitions BIE in Paris.

“We continue to work to prepare the Czech Pavilion and the expositions according to the original plan, i.e. 20th October 2020, but if the COVID-19 pandemic should mean that the World Exposition would not actually be worldwide or that foreign visitors won’t be able to come to Dubai, we are prepared to postpone the opening of the pavilion for a year, ”says Jiří F. Potužník, General Commissioner of the Czech Republic and a member of the Steering Committee member. “This is a more acceptable option for us than shortening the EXPO from six months to four. However, we also pointed out the fact that even in a year, the situation may be unfavourable from a medical or an economic point of view, and that by 2025 another World Exhibition is meant to be held in Japan, which means it will have little time to prepare. All of this should be taken into account.”

The participant countries of the EXPO 2020 and the Organisers in Dubai will have to consider, among other circumstances, how postponing the World Exhibition by one year affects their budgets. On the 21st April 2020, the BIE Executive Committee should address the possible proposal of the United Arab Emirates, i.e. the host country, and by the end of May, it should be addressed at the General Assembly by teleconference or electronic voting by all member countries.