Czech participation at the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 MILANO
1. 5. – 31. 10. 2015

Feeding the planet,
energy for life


Invitation to Czechsgiving day

27. 10. 2015

General commissioner for the Czech participation at the Expo 2015 Milano Jiri F. Potuznik and CzechTourism agency cordially invite you to programme Czechsgivnig day (October 28th 2015, Open Air Theatre Expo Milano).

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Doing business in the Czech Republic – workshop and press conference

27. 10. 2015

The workshop and press conference of doing business in the Czech Republic (legal and business perspective) with Kučera & Associates Law Firm and Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce and CzechTrade Italy. October 28th 2015 at 10:00 a.m.

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ZOO2 – U2 Tribute Band concert

17. 9. 2015

Music band ZOO2 will perform in the Czech Republic pavilion on September 19th and 20th 2015 at 7 p.m.

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Invitation to Fashion Show “New Traditions”

11. 9. 2015

Inspired by the folklore traditions of Bohemia and Moravia with students of The College of Fashion Design. September 12th 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Czech Republic pavilion at Expo 2015 Milano.

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Exposition of the Ústí Region

16. 8. 2015

From the 17th to the 30th of August, the Czech pavilion at the EXPO Milano 2015 will be showing the Ústecký Region within its Land of Stories exposition.

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The Press release of VOŠTŘ and SUŠTŘ at the textile exposition of ATOK

24. 7. 2015

The Higher Vocational School of Textile Crafts and the Secondary Art School of Textile Crafts in Prague were asked, by the Association of the Textile, Clothing and Leather industries, to be a part of exposition of the Czech Republic at the world exposition EXPO 2015 in Milano.

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Unique Discovery During the Restoration of Karel Zeman Film: After nearly 60 years audiences can again see lost footage from the film Invention for Destruction

11. 7. 2015

During work on the digital restoration of the film Invention for Destruction by Karel Zeman restorers made a unique and unexpected discovery: they found lost footage from the original movie! A significant scene, the existence of which no one knew about until recently, was thus restored to the movie after almost 60 years. Audiences was be able to see it first at the world premiere of the restored film which took place 10. 7. 2015 at 20:00 concurrently at the KVIFF in Karlovy Vary, on Czech TV, at the World EXPO 2015 in Turin and also in New York.

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Invention for Destruction restored after almost 60 years, returns to the EXPO. World Premiere will be held concurrently at Karlovy Vary, in New York and on Czech Television

3. 7. 2015

Exactly 57 years ago at the World Film Festival at Expo 58 in Brussels the premiere of Invention for Destruction by Karel Zeman took place. A sci-fi film about an invention which could easily destroy the world, it won the Grand Prix at the Festival and then literally flew around the world. In New York, it was shown in 96 film theaters symultaneously each evening!

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Science returns at EXPO 2015 Milan

30. 6. 2015

Although the first World exhibition in 1856 in London gave a space to discoveries and inventions, and although in the coming decades the EXPO featured prototypes of locomotives, telephones or microscopes, science has disappeared from many expositions. But at EXPO 2015 Milan returns - Czech Republic in cooperation with the largest laboratory complex of the European Union Joint Research Centre organizes from 1st to July 14th two-week program Days of Science.

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Prague Zoo at EXPO Milano 2015

9. 6. 2015

Prague Zoo has the unique opportunity this year to participate in the EXPO 2015 world’s fair taking place in Milan, Italy. The aim of Prague Zoo’s presentation at the fair is to introduce itself to the world and, at the same time, demonstrate the relevance of the modern zoo.

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The Carlsbad region in the Land of Stories

31. 5. 2015

The Carlsbad region starts its two weeks presentation on 1st June 2015 in the Czech Republic exposition called Land of Stories.

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World Environment Day Seminar: Climate Change Adaptation in Mountain Regions

22. 5. 2015

Time: 5 June 2015, 14:00–17:00
Venue: Conference room, Pavilion of the Czech Republic, EXPO Milan, Italy

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Presentation of the South Moravian Region and of the City of Brno at EXPO 2015 in Milan started successfully

17. 5. 2015

The South Moravian Region and the City of Brno are the first of the Czech Republic regions to present themselves starting on Sunday, 17 May, in the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan (Italy). The exhibits on display that attracted the greatest attention of visitors immediately after the opening include the bioreactor, digital eyeglasses, G. J. Mendel’s genetics, and UNESCO sites.

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The musical end to the Czech National Day at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium, EXPO

14. 5. 2015

The highlight of the Czech National Day will be the performance by The Tap Tap Orchestra, a unique ensemble of handicapped artists. The concert will take place on May 15 at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium of Milan EXPO. It will be moderated by a Czech and in Italy very popular model Alena Šeredová and the one-of-a-kind Láďa Angelovič. We look forward to the combination of artistic constellation with the modeling world and warmly invite you to see this spectacular show.

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The Czech Republic began building a pavilion for EXPO Milano 2015 – as one of the first countries

12. 8. 2014

On 12th August, the first eight modules of the national pavilion of the Czech Republic arrived from Vizovice to the universal world exposition EXPO 2015 in Milan. There will be a total of forty five modules and at the end of September and beginning of October, KOMA Modular will build a three-storey elegant building surrounded by water from these modules in only one month. The Czech Republic is therefore one of the first countries to start building its original pavilion for EXPO 2015.

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CZEXPO in media

Czech Republic for EXPO 2015

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