Czech participation at the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 MILANO
1. 5. – 31. 10. 2015

Feeding the planet,
energy for life

Welcome to the Czech national pavilion

What the Czech Republic lacks in size, it more than makes up for with its captivating beauty. As the heart of Europe, it nourishes the continent with its water sources and as the laboratory of life, it inspires the world with scientific discoveries.

The national pavilion is a proud example of sober elegance. The clean lines of the building’s modular construction and its one hundred percent functionality are capped by a zero ecological footprint – the gallery palace made of recycled material will continue to serve even after EXPO 2015.

The pavilion is interlaced by an organic exhibition, in which contemporary artists present discoveries in the fields of nano-technology, botany, veterinary and human medicine and protecting our planet.

Guide to the pavilion

The Czech Republic’s national pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan is a modular structure built by Vizovice company, KOMA MODULAR, based on a design by architectural studio, Chybik+Kristof Associated Architects. The ground floor of the pavilion is dominated by the Nafigate exhibit created by Lukáš Rittstein and the roof is crowned by the Prague Zoo exhibit created by Jakub Nepraš. However, the organic exhibition weaves through the interior of the entire exhibition palace and visitors complete a journey from water molecules, through plant and animal cells to the largest – planet Earth.

Laboratory of silence

The Laboratory of Silence evokes the atmosphere of the Czech forest, and thanks to advanced technologies, simultaneously reveals the secret world of plants, down to their cellular structure. By remaining quiet and stopping at the marked spot in the exhibit, the visitor learns details of the plant kingdom through projection screens connected to microscopic systems. This is a unique project designed by students of the Czech Technical University and realised with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Land of stories and fantasy

Exhibitions by partner regions and co-exhibitors will rotate in two-week cycles. Visitors to the Czech pavilion will be presented with the best of tourism, spa treatment, industry and regional goods. The most interesting places in all regions of the Czech Republic will be presented in the form of playful, interactive exhibits through the CzechTourism Agency. The South Moravian, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Ústí, Moravian-Silesian and Vysočina Regions will present their own expositions. In the summer months, the exhibition will be devoted to thematic weeks of science, water and design.

Laboratory of life

The central part of the exhibition is dominated by a kinetic sculpture of glass fibres by Lasvit, designed by Maxim Velčovský, the Institute of Experimental Botany’s bas-reliefs depicting the genetic code of wheat by Federico Díaz, the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry’s projection of healthy and diseased cells from the studio of Jakub Nepraš and an animal sculpture by Lukáš Rittstein representing the work of BIOVETA. Block and the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry will also present a simulated low-energy laboratory for the preparation of new drugs, designed by Jonáš Strouhal.



1. May

Jaroslav Svěcený

Jaroslav Svěcený solo performance on the marble violin

1.–16. May

CzechTourism exposition

6. May

Sugar Blues

Film screening

9.–10. May

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

15. May

Czech National Day

15.–17. May

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

17.–31. May

South Moravian Region exposition

Regional Days 17., 23., 24. 5. 2015
Day of Brno 18. 5. 2015


1.–15. June

Carlsbad exposition

Regional Days 6. 6. and 13. 6. 2015

5. June

Climate Change Adaptation in Mountain Regions Seminar

16.–30. June

Pilsen Region exposition

Regional Days 21. 6. and 23. 6. 2015

9. June
16. June

Water Day

26. June



1.–14. July

Days of Czech Science

Nanotechnology + Molecular Science 1.–2. 7.
Energy 3.–4. 7.
Botany 6.–7. 7.
Veterinary Care 8.–9. 7.
Diseases of civilization 10.–11. 7.
Education, Science, Research 13.–14. 7.

4. July

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

6. July

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

10. July

World premiere of the digitally restored film Invention for Destruction (20:00)

11.–12. July

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

15.–31. July

JIKA Days of water

18.–19. July

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

25.–26. July

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová


1.–16. August

ATOK Design Days

17.–31. August

Usti region exposition

Regional Days 22.–23. 8. 2015


1.–15. September

Moravian-Silesian Region exposition

Regional Day 2. 9. 2015

16.–30. September

Vysočina Region exposition

Regional Days 23.–25. 9. 2015

19. September

ZOO2 – U2 Tribute Band concert (19:00)

20. September

ZOO2 – U2 Tribute Band concert (19:00)


1. October

The Day of Czech beer, malt and hop

1.–15. October

Lesy ČR exposition

Czech Forestry Games 7.–11. 10. 2015

3.–4. October

Marmelade show Blanka Milfaitová

16.–31. October

CzechTourism expostion

28. October

Czechsgiving day