Czech participation at the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015 MILANO
1. 5. – 31. 10. 2015

Feeding the planet,
energy for life

The Carlsbad region in the Land of Stories

31. 5. 2015

The Carlsbad region starts its two weeks presentation on 1st June 2015 in the Czech Republic exposition called Land of Stories.

The regional day of the Carsbad region is held on June 6, 2015 starting at 11:00 a.m. with the participation of the Governor of the Carlsabad region, Mgr. Martin Havel and the curator of the exhibition, Mgr. Et MgA. Zdenka Bílková. The musical program of the Po Po Trio comprising Miroslava Lendělová, Klára Svobodová, Karolína Kučerová and Karel Šimandl is planned for the entire day.

Visitors to the exhibition space will enter through a fog, which symbolizes one of the forms of water. In one section of the exhibition will be placed an interactive floor that will commemorate the place where the high quality peat can be found and then used in medicine. The entire exhibition will draw attention to the global problem of lack of quality drinking water. Visitors will be able to touch and smell the bathroom salts, which are linked to the spa of Karlovy Vary region. Water as the main theme of the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2015 is a main topics of the Carlsbad region.

The exposition is complemented with glass resembling the clean and sparkly characteristics of water and porcelain, which is as smooth as streams of water in nature. The entire exhibition of the Carlsbad region combines water, nature, traditional manufacturing and traditional foods of the region.

Region presents exhibits from companies such as Moser, Studio Thun and Rudolf Kämpf. Visitors can taste traditional herbal liqueur Becherovka.

Moser, Ručně broušená přejímaná mísa Stone
Thun Studio, Kapka
Rudolf Kämpf, Set Ancien Egypt