Spa Oasis

The history of Czech spas goes back many centuries. Over these centuries, the spas have been the place of treatment, rest and relaxation of many prominent personalities of the social, cultural and political life from J. W. Goethe to F. Kafka, F. Chopin, or former presidents T.G. Masaryk and V. Havel. Charles IV. himself regularly enjoyed the health benefits of staying at the spas. At the end of the 19th century, the Czech spas were so famous that they were referred to as the salons of Europe. Today, the Czech Republic is one of the world's spa superpowers and quality spa facilities can be found in virtually all the regions of our Republic.

The splendour and charm of Czech spas isn’t only based on their unique healing methods. Our spas are surrounded by beautiful nature, they attract people with their interesting architecture and history, they have a social and cultural life of their own.

Instead of chemical treatments with many negative side effects, the traditional spa offers a return to nature and its many resources. The beneficial effect of a quality spa treatment persists for a long time after its completion. This makes the spas in the Czech Republic famous and unique.

Source: Vše o lázních – Lečebné Lázně